Bill Drum   -  Chris Drum 
Salvaged Steel Sculptors




Bill Drum was born and raised in Miles City, a ranching community in eastern Montana.  He attended Cornell University, the University of Montana, and the American Graduate School for International Management.  He has lived and worked in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mexico City, New York and California.  Bill and his wife, Carol now live in Billings, Montana, where he has a studio.



Chris Drum was born in Sao Paulo Brazil, lived in Mexico and California for many years and works as a sculptor in Billings where he shares the Montana Black Iron studio with his father, Bill 








Mr. Drum has shown and sold his work in the CODA Gallery, Palm Desert, CA; KEVIN RED STAR GALLERY, Roberts, Montana; CENTER STREET GALLERY, Jackson, Wyoming; DANA GALLERY, Missoula, Montana;  SAMARACK GAllery, Whitefish, MT; SHIDONI GALLERY, Santa FE, NM;  WESTSOUTHWEST GALLERY, Denver, Co; BERGELLI GALLERY, Larkspur, CA;  BROSCHOFSKY GALLERY, Ketchum, ID; LANNING GALLERY, Sedona, AZ; FRAME OF REFERENCE GALLERY, Big Fork, MT;  FRAME HUT, Billings, MT and Rimrock Gallery, Billings, MT.  One man shows include the ELVERHOY ART MUSEUM, Solvang, California; DANA ART GALLERY, Missoula, Montana; COLSTRIP ART CENTER; Colstrip, Montana.

"Found steel", with amazing patinas and textures, not possible to obtain with new materials, comes from Montana salvage yards where old cars, farm and ranch machinery, mining equipment, oil drums, and other metal detritus no longer useful in today’s industrial world.

In these salvage yards old car bodies are picked up by a crane with huge claws which quickly crunch them to about one third their original size as they are lifted into another powerful machine which further crushes them into a large cube. Voila’ - more "found steel" for my sculptures!

With an oxy-acetylene torch, crow bars, and other cutting tools we separate these crushed and bent pieces of found steel so we can bend them into the shape we want and weld them together to make oursculptures.

 Bill Drum, 2010